Are you looking for a company with experience in oil furnaces in Walpole, MA? Whether you are looking for help with repairs, installation, replacement, or maintenance, we can help. If you’re considering an oil furnace, there are many reasons to go ahead with the installation. Oil furnaces produce more heat than gas furnaces while using less energy. That means your home will heat up faster and you’ll save money on your heating costs each year. But that’s not where the benefits end. Let’s talk about lifespan. A natural gas furnace will typically last for 15 years.

An oil furnace, on the other hand, will give you an amazing thirty years of dependable use. That’s quite a difference! Oil furnaces also cost less upfront than gas furnaces making them a more attractive option for the cost-conscious homeowner. We’d love to tell you more about the many benefits of oil furnace installation or arrange repairs for your existing system.