At EV Mechanical, we offer camera inspection in Walpole, MA, that will help us to pinpoint leaks and problems with your drains and plumbing. Whether you have a blockage in your sewer or a clog somewhere in your pipework, our state-of-the-art cameras let us get up close and personal with the problem. It can be difficult to find the exact location of a blockage from the surface. We’ll feed our cameras into your plumbing system and view the results on our high-definition screens. You can take a look too, if you want to!

Many of our customers are fascinated to see the inside of their plumbing. We’ll then locate the exact reason for the blockage or leak and start formulating a plan of action. Once we know where the blockage is, we can focus our hydrojetting equipment at the source to get it clear. Call us if you are experiencing problems with your plumbing and we’ll get it solved as quickly as we can.