To get the most out of your oil heat system, it’s important to get regular oil furnace service in Walpole, MA. Make sure to call for repairs if the system is creating odors or getting smoky, or if you’re needing oil delivery more often than before.

    A recent oil furnace installation should have great efficiency as it keeps your home warm, and it’s always a good idea to get a tune-up to maximize your energy budget. Skilled technicians can keep your burner running beautifully, with a perfect flame that ignites reliably.

    Oil Furnace Service in Walpole

    Is it time for oil furnace service or a replacement in Walpole? Today’s oil furnaces have AFUE efficiency ratings of 84 to 90, which is as much as 30 points higher than older units. You can arrange for a new oil furnace installation if yours is getting older, typically around 25 years of service. Problems like unreliable starting, smoky exhaust, and odors or fumes may simply be a matter of an oil furnace repair, such as new ignition unit, nozzle, or general tune-up.

    Problems with the oil pump pressure or flow from the tank can also affect your results. Your technician will arrive fully equipped with the parts and equipment for most repairs, and you’ll get an explanation and quote for the oil furnace repairs they recommend.

    Don’t forget to schedule routine oil furnace maintenance each year to start off with great efficiency and reliability, and check for any problems before the heating season. As your allies against the New England winter cold, you can count on us!

    Oil furnace problems customers frequently call about:
    • Odors or fumes from the furnace
    • Increased fuel oil consumption
    • Excessive smoke from chimney
    • Strange noises from furnace
    • Airflow problems
    • Frequent heating system cycling

    Reliable Oil Furnace Service

    From your oil tank to the warmth of the furnace flame, our EV Mechanical technicians take good care of your oil heat system. We’re available 24/7 when you have concerns about your furnace and provide expert repairs and maintenance. It’s part of our trusted HVAC and plumbing services in Walpole and the South Shore area.

    Our team of well-trained, trusted professionals serves homeowners, businesses, and municipalities to keep them reliably warm in New England winters. Our standards are high, and our goal is your satisfaction as we work to make our customers’ lives better with oil furnace care and other services. We look forward to serving you!

    Do you need experienced oil furnace service for efficient, reliable warmth this winter in Walpole? Count on EV Mechanical, call us today!